Discover the eyeWatch system


The eyeWatch system is the world’s first adjustable system for treating glaucoma. The system features, the eyeWatch implant, acting as an adjustable faucet and the eyeWatch Pen, used to tune the eyeWatch.


The eyeWatch implant

The eyeWatch device is the core of the non-invasively adjustable glaucoma drainage device. By selectively compressing the drainage tube by means of a rotatable magnetic disk, the fluidic resistance can be adjusted to maintain intraocular pressure (IOP) within the optimal clinical-targeted range.





  • Chamber entry: 26G
  • Dimensions: 6.5 mm x 5.8 mm
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm
  • Seton tube compatibility: eyePlate and other valveless shunts (e.g. Baerveldt)


The eyeWatch Pen

The eyeWatch Pen is the control unit of the eyeWatch system. With a few simple gestures, it allows for the measurement and adjustment of the eyeWatch’s functional position. The unit works for both left and right eyes and can be manipulated with just one hand.

The eyeWatch Pen features on one side the compass, which measures the eyeWatch’s position, and on the other side a magnet, which adjusts the opening of the valve. 


The eyeWatch Pen can be tuned from position 0, for which the valve is fully open, to position 6, which corresponds to maximal resistance to flow. 

​For the intra-operative adjustment, the eyeWatch Pen is usually set to a resistive position (5-6) to avoid early hypotony. 



The eyeWatch Pen exists in two versions:


  • the aluminum blue version, used for post-operative adjustments (office version)
  • the sterile version (single-use), used for the intra-operative adjustment

A sterile eyeWatch Pen is provided with every eyeWatch implant.