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Ocular Quality Services

Who is Ocular Quality Services

Ocular Quality Services is a company distributing medical products and providing innovative services. We focus on the surgical field and in particular in ophthalmology.

The company was founded by a team of partners with extensive experience in the field of ophthalmology, having as vision to provide the most innovative and reliable solutions in the market, with the aim of offering the best possible quality and the most innovative products in the field of Ophthalmology.

In the services we provide it is included for the first time in Greece a permanent experimental laboratory for the training of Ophthalmology residents.

Having an experience of 15 years in organizing wet lab, we have decided to put all this know-how into a pioneering concept in medical education, creating a permanent experimental laboratory.

Currently “Ocular Quality Services” operates in 2 Business areas:

  • Ophthalmic Consumables and Surgical Supplies, in collaboration with recognized medical device manufacturers
  • Education: In a modern space of 120 square meters, there is a permanent wet lab for the training of ophthalmologists residents, using the latest technology, such as active boards, artificial eyes

“Ocular Quality Services” is now present in the majority of private day care units and we are taking actions on a daily basis so as to expand our network in all range of health units.


Products that facilitate Ophthalmology society

The aim of the company is to introduce innovative materials and represent only reputable and internationally brands, and even more to bring new products that facilitate Ophthalmology society and improve patient’s life.

Ocular Quality Services aims to improve its position through: expanding its activities by launching new products and providing new services, and being able to adapt all new data.

In order to achieve the above goals the company has:

  • Good organization.
  • Scientific associates with appropriate and continuous training.
  • Fully updated website with its range of activities.
  • With its current structure, the company can support geographically all Greece in terms of scientific information, and timely distribution of its products to the end user.